Apply for the Wesleyan Black Alumni Council Memorial Prize Summer Stipend


In April 1986, the Wesleyan Black Alumni Council (WBAC) established a memorial fund to honor late alumni of African descent. The memorial honors the memory and spirit of Bruce D. Hall ’77, James “Donnie” Rochester ’74, and Dwight L. Greene ’70 through a summer experience grant to support students interested in projects or research pertaining to the African American experience. Stipends are typically $5,000.


A student who wishes to apply for the Wesleyan Black Alumni Council Memorial Prize must submit an application that includes all of the following:

  1. A personal statement sharing your motivation for and interest in the proposed project. This statement must also include information about your preparation for the proposed project (for example, coursework or extracurricular projects that have helped you to develop the skills or background knowledge you need to engage this work).
    (limit: 500 words)

  2. A description of your project, including your research question or project aim, some background information on the topic, and the specific approach, structure, and/or methodology you will use in your project. Please be sure to include information on dates and time commitment. (limit: 750 words)

  3. An itemized budget that describes how the stipend will be used.

  4. The name of a faculty mentor with whom you have discussed your research proposal, or the name of a professional connected with your project.

  5. An unofficial academic history.

The application documents must be submitted through this form by the extended deadline of Sunday, April 10th.


  • Research involving participants who could be individually identified, audio or video recordings of participants, sensitive data, vulnerable populations, or the observation of behavioral tasks in a laboratory setting will require IRB approval. If you are not sure whether your research requires IRB approval, please consult with your faculty mentor and/or the Wesleyan Institutional Review Board.

  • As we work to support as many students as possible in their summer plans, recipients of other summer funding and/or students engaging in full-pay internships or jobs are not eligible to receive the WBAC Memorial Prize. A student will not be permitted to accept another award that meets their full summer funding need (e.g., a Wesleyan Summer Grant) or full-time paid summer internship in conjunction with the WBAC Prize. A student may, however, use proposals that were submitted for other funding to apply for the WBAC Prize. And a student may combine partial awards to meet full need. The student will be expected to inform all funding bodies if multiple awards have been offered so that students on waitlists on either side might be awarded.

In addition to the funding provided by the WBAC Memorial Prize, recipients are traditionally highlighted during the annual Dwight L. Greene Symposium during Homecoming/ Family Weekend, and typically present their project at the Alumni and Students of Color Reception. Should this traditional format not be possible, prize recipients will present their projects in another way, as determined by the prize organizers.

By submitting your application materials, you agree to allow the Office for Equity & Inclusion to use these documents — in whole or in part — for archival, promotion, or assessment purposes. 

If you have any questions about this summer grant, please contact April Ruiz, Dean for Academic Equity, Inclusion, & Success:

The Wesleyan Black Alumni Council Memorial Prize Selection Committee looks forward to reading your application!