Meet the Orientation Interns

We are your 2020 Orientation Interns, and we will be in contact with you this summer to ensure that you are prepared for your first year at Wesleyan. We are currently busy planning orientation activities, so stay tuned for more information on upcoming events. Orientation will kick off with virtual events starting Mid-July. Be sure to check your email every Wednesday for more information!

As always, we are available by email at to answer questions or concerns. We are also regularly posting content to our Instagram, so be sure to give us a follow at @wes.orientation. Since these are intense and confusing times, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. In addition, to help put faces to names, feel free to check out our “Meet the 2020 Orientation Interns” video on YouTube and learn more about your Orientation Leaders on the Orientation Program Website.

We look forward to meeting you all, hope you are enjoying your summer, and…GO WES!

The Orientation Interns

Jared Christopher ‘22
Haley Fish ‘22
Amy Limtrajiti ‘23
Kimberly Lopez Vasquez ‘21
@wes.orientation on Instagram