Language Learning at Wesleyan

Wesleyan University places high value on multilingual proficiency and strongly encourages you to study other languages and live abroad. Check out these recent Wes students’ reflections on what their language study has meant to them.

There are 15 languages taught at Wesleyan. Keep going in a language you already have studied, or start a new one! In order to be placed at the right level for a language you have studied already (other than English), you can use your AP or IB score or take a Wesleyan online Placement Test, which is available through your WesPortal. If you are considering learning or maintaining a language not taught at Wesleyan, there are several independent study options for you, available through the Fries Center for Global Studies.

Make study abroad a keystone experience while at Wesleyan—plan ahead by checking out the many choices of programs all over the world, some of them Wesleyan-run, and the language prerequisites for programs in countries where English is not the first language.

Make your Wesleyan years a global experience by gaining linguistic and intercultural competence!