Get Ready NOW for Graduation!

Dear Seniors (You’re Seniors!),

Here we are in the middle of summer. It is a great time to start thinking about the last year of your stay at Wesleyan and to clarify exactly what you need to do in order to finish your degree.


(1) You must have satisfied the requirements for at least one major. In order to determine where you stand in relation to your major, you must work with your advisor to fill out your “Major Certification Form,” which is available in your WesPortal in the “Academics” bucket.

(2) You must have earned 32.00 credits. The 32.00 course credits can be impacted by oversubscription, which usually means taking more than 16.00 credits in any one subject, bringing in more than 2.00 pre-matriculation credits or taking more than 1.00 full credit of PHED courses, for example. I will be reaching out to students who have oversubscribed or in danger of doing so, but it’s important for you to be aware of these regulations.

(3) You must have earned at least 16.00 of your credits at Wesleyan.

(4) You must have earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 74.00.

(5) You must have a certain number of semesters in residence. If you entered Wesleyan in your first semester, you must have at least six semesters in residence. If you entered Wesleyan as a sophomore, you must have at least five semesters in residence. If you entered Wesleyan as a junior, you must have at least four semesters in residence. We will count semesters in which you were enrolled full-time at Wesleyan but were studying remotely due to COVID as semesters in residence. Study Abroad does not count as a semester in residence for graduation purposes.

For all but the major requirement, your absolute best resource for tracking where you stand with these requirements is your CREDIT ANALYSIS REPORT (also found in your WesPortal “Academics” bucket). It will tell you where you stand with everything but your major(s), which is what your major certification form will do. Please pay very close attention to your TOTAL USABLE GRADUATION CREDITS, as this is made up of the credits you’ve earned and you are enrolled in, minus any oversubscription.

While I will be working to do my absolute best to track where you stand in relation to the degree, please know that this is your responsibility as well. In fact, all of this is completely a student’s responsibility!

Please look over these resources and if you have any questions, please be in touch. You must work with me to assure you are able to meet the requirements successfully.

Well, here you are…heading into your final year! Keep up the good work.

All Best,