Change of Grading Mode Deadline 4/28

Please note that the last day to change the grading mode of student option courses is Wednesday, April 28, at 5pm EDT.  To review or change the grading mode of a course, login to portal and click on “Class Schedule.” The grading mode is listed in the “Grade” column.  For a student option course, the grading mode can be changed using the drop down menu in the grade column.  Advisor approval is not required for grading mode changes.

History Course for Rising Sophomores: Dante in His World: Politics, Poetry, Religion

Rising sophomores are especially sought for a new course on one of the greatest thinkers and writers in history, Dante Alighieri. On the 700th anniversary of his death, this course in history, medieval studies, and World Literatures in translation is open to all class years.

HIST 236: Dante in His World: Politics, Poetry, Religion
Instructor: Gary Shaw
T.R.. 02:50PM-04:10PM

Dante has been famous since his life, especially for his poem “The Divine Comedy,” including its depictions of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. The book reveals his massive knowledge and his deep and complex commitments to love, hope, and the good. It might be less well known that he was also an active politician and a political theorist, as well as a student of literature and style.

This course will examine the body of his work and use it to outline some of the great political, moral, and religious crises of Europe around the year 1300, many issues that continue to today, such as the importance of ethical and political commitment and courage in public life, but also the dangers of false hierarchies and one’s own ego. Readings will focus on Dante’s own writings, including “The Divine Comedy,” “The New Life” and “On Monarchy.”

WesWIS Industry Careers in Science Panel

This Tuesday April 13, 2021 at 4pm, WesWIS is hosting an “Industry Careers in Science” Panel for undergraduates looking for an alternative to going to grad school right after Wes. All interested students are encouraged to attend!

Meeting ID: 934 1682 4562
Passcode: 047533

Overview of the Psychology Major for First-Year Students with Department Chair, Prof. Jill Morawski

April 13,Tues., 4:15-5:15pm 
zoom link:

The purpose of this meeting is to provide an overview of the major. Bring all your questions—and better assess whether this major might be right for you.

Reviewing the Psychology Majors Manual may be helpful:

Wesleyan Women in Science – WesCourses Event 4/9

Come get the inside scoop on classes from juniors and seniors in all of the different STEM majors (no professors allowed!) You can get help thinking about next semester as well as your whole plan for your major, getting involved with research, or any other questions you might have. Join Wesleyan Women in Science remotely on Friday, April 8th at noon! All WesWIS events are open to all genders and majors.

Meeting ID: 997 1629 0964